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Since the early years of the 21st century, our lives became more and more digital. Now, we consider the Internet a part of our daily activities, and we use it throughout the day. We spend hours checking social media, weather, news, reading and answering e-mails, watching videos and doing a lot more. But for the vast majority of the global population, it is not yet a reality.

During my consulting years, I had the opportunity to observe the profound changes that happen to people when they go online and connect to the rest of the world. As I watched the focus groups and interviews on the topic with people that have never gone online, but made sure that their kids connected, I had some of the most eyeopening moments in my life. Digital inclusion is one of the most significant areas to be addressed by both governments, NGOs and companies.

This site is a place where we can discuss these topics, sharing ideas and trying to help everybody to connect to the Internet and get all of its benefits.

Welcome to Intelligent Inclusion and let’s make a positive impact in our society.


Caetano Notari

Currently starting up Indiga, www.indiga.com.br, a digital agency that focuses on helping customers to sell more and better on the Internet.
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